22 January 2014

Server Closed

Just a quick update now that this page is being linked to from our new site... the McCraft Server went offline in early November 2013 and is not returning. However, there is a new server: "Superstes Noctis" is a new private, whitelisted server and a fan server is in the works for release hopefully around Spring or Summer 2014. For more information on that, check out the new site!

As for the McCraft Server, anyone is free to download the world map to play in single player as long as you keep it for yourself and do not distribute it (or claim ownership of it or any of its content) in any way whatsoever. Download it and have some fun!

11 November 2013

Changes for the new Server

First of all, thank you all for your patience as we try to get hosting figured out. We will definitely go with MCProHosting for the service, and it should hopefully be happening very soon. Once it is up and running it will be publicized using our usual methods, to make sure members know it is running.

When the server is back up, hosted professionally, there will be some changes. The include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New 1.7 World with new biomes nearby
  • Survival mode for all players
  • PvP enabled unless it becomes a problem
  • New sense of community with survival builds
  • Building a community from nothing with a nearby forest
  • Cooperative builds, both for style and function
  • Server roles for members, decided at a later date
  • Democracy-based decision system
  • "Elite" status for users based on donation status
If you have any questions, of course feel free to ask them! We want to make sure the new server is even better than the last one for everyone involved, and communication is key to making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. A world download of the original server map will be available here for anyone interested in using it for single-player.

03 November 2013

Changes in Hosting

Up until now, the server has been running from the personal computer of the server's host. However, this is severely limiting and recently the ISP controlling the network has began throttling data speeds due to excessive web activity. In order to restore speed and regain what is paid for, the server must be moved to another network location.

Enter MCPro Hosting. They are the lead provider of professional Minecraft Server hosting, it's the only thing they do and they excel at it. Tons of people use their services, and plans are relatively cheap compared to the alternatives. Going forward, the server will require donations to stay afloat with this new hosting solution, and that's where you come in! Donation widgets have been added to the server's website, where you can pay securely through PayPal to donate any amount you can spare in order to keep the server running. We aren't in this for profit; we only want to prevent losing money. All donations will be used for the server, and anything other than payment for hosting will be run by the server members first (such as the possibility of someday adding a professionally-hosted website or something similar to that, if such an opportunity presents itself and is seen favorably by server members)

If you donate, be sure to leave your name and Minecraft username in the memo field so we know who you are! You can of course remain anonymous if you choose, but we would love to acknowledge you for your help! If you play on the server, we can even offer benefits in-game in return for your assistance if you'd like. (Diamonds, anyone? Lots and lots of diamonds?)

31 October 2013

Enter the Ender Ender in the End

After long nighttime hours of work, the Ender Ender is now ready for business! It is located in The End along the main path, which can be found by locating the Stronghold portal in the Nether (the short and wide portal in "Creepy Caverns" within the Nether) It is open to all members of the server provided you do not modify it in any way whatsoever.

What is the Ender Ender? It's an Enderman farm! Endermen spawn on spawning platforms high within the structure (all other areas are spawn-proof so they will all spawn on the specified platforms) and fall into a chamber in the center of the main room where they take just enough fall damage to be easily killed by a single punch with a player's fist. In the main mode (Pearls and XP) they must be punched one at a time but drop both Ender Pearls and XP orbs, and in the secondary mode (Pearls only) they automatically die when they fall but do not drop XP orbs since no player actually made the killing blow to any of them. It also contains a level-thirty Enchantment Station, and Anvil, and an Ender Chest for your convenience, as well as a Powered Rail system to get you there and back since it is far away from the regular land area of The End where other Endermen can spawn.

It is important to note that the farm is much more efficient when there are no players elsewhere on the server since there is a maximum number of mobs that can exist on the server at any given moment. Also, be sure even though the Endermen are contained and not angry at any player, they will still attack if you look them in the eye. Lastly, you should not use weapons against them since you can just kill them in one hit with your fist anyway; keep in mind that Fire Aspect swords and Flame bows will reset the Endermen's anger focus and teleport them away from the chamber, so they should not be used at any time in the Ender Ender.

Questions? Feel free as always to contact timmc94, who built the structure based on the original design from another player and can assist with any issues that may come up.

24 August 2013

Carl's Cakes is now open!

A new shop is on the server, Carl's Cakes, located South of spawn through the new underwater tunnel. He only sells one thing: cake! The current price for a full cake is 7 gold nuggets; for those of you who may not know, you can get gold nuggets from killing Zombie Pigmen in the Nether or place gold ingots in a crafting table to get nine gold nuggets per gold ingot.

Stop by and visit Carl, where you can pick up a delicious homemade cake! (Please don't eat the display models)

20 August 2013

Server Downtime: August 20-23, 2013

The server will be down from Tuesday, August 20th to Friday, August 23rd while the server host (timmc94) is away for the week; this will be similar to the server downtime last weekend. There is a possibility the server will run in the morning and/or early afternoon on the twentieth, but it is not guaranteed. The server will probably be up on Saturday the 24th, however.

We apologize for the inconvenience that the server downtime may cause, and we encourage you to use the downtime as a chance to use the time you would normally play online to switch things up and perhaps get outside for a bit... just remember to come back after the break!

14 August 2013

Trader Ted 3.0 Update

Trader Ted has reached his third generation! Trader Ted III is the most valuable of them all so far, with a ton of extremely useful trades. These include:

  • 5 Brown Mushrooms + 5 Red Mushrooms = 1 Mooshroom Spawn Egg
  • 1 Stick + 10 Gunpowder = "Knockback Stick" (Knockback X)
  • 1 Ender Pearl + 1 Chest = 1 Ender Chest
  • 64 Rotten Flesh + 64 Rotten Flesh = Diamond Sword (Sharpness I, Knockback I)
  • 1 Sign + 1 String = 1 Name Tag
..and there's more! Check out the new Trader Ted in the same spot he's always been and get some of these great new items.

Your feedback is appreciated! Let timmc94 know what you think of Trader Ted's options and you could influence the next generation of the trading station.